Updates from MozFest 2018

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Updates from MozFest 2018

Global Consent Manager has made leaps and bounds, starting earlier in 2018. Don Marti of Mozilla, Matt Germonprez and Matt Snell of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and Sean Goggins of the University of Missouri all attended Mozfest 2018 in London on behalf of Global Consent Manager.

This team learned about consent in many other sessions throughout the event. These sessions often became conversations about how the situation can become better. This means that consent is being talked about more often in a world that is benefiting from a better understanding of it.

Don and Matt S. held a Global Consent Manager session of the final day of MozFest that helped both the presenters and the attending community gain insight. Matt S. was an initial developer for the project and Don is an administrative member. The community of MozFest had many questions about Global Consent Manager, most asking of its purpose on the web.

The proof remains in the pudding: consent is as old as time, but the internet isn’t. The implications of clicking “i agree” can be greater than the average user may really agree to. Instead of taking on the task of reading through every Terms and Conditions, it may be better to take on the more feasible task of understanding the website first.


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