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A Quick Overview of the GDPR and Global Consent Manager

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a collection of baselines, standards, guidelines, and policies that govern both ethics and practice regarding data privacy and protection.

This may sound intimidating, but putting it in plain and simple terms makes it much easier for anyone to understand. All you really need to understand for this article is how it affects Global Consent Manager:

1.) Cookies and user data are regulated much more strictly than before.

2.) Your security and privacy are now crucial to the success of businesses around the world.

3.) You’re going to be seeing a lot more consent screens.

DigiDay provides a field guide that helps us understand what the GDPR is in more detail and to know what to expect from its implementation.

But where is Global Consent Manager involved?

This Firefox web extension is entirely built for the user experience. The first visit to a major website will almost always cause a consent dialog to show up in your browser. These sometimes block the content of the website until you accept their terms, conditions and policies.

Global Consent Manager shows businesses and consumers that a healthier consent experience is possible. We are working to change how things have changed while maintaining the new aspects of privacy, consent, and security.

How do I use Global Consent Manager? How does it work?

Global Consent Manager will provide you with two options for consent dialogs: on and off. If you choose to keep the switch on, consent dialogs will be blocked on supported sites. Switching this off or visiting on a few separate days will allow the site to show consent dialogs.

When the extension is set to off, you will have your choice of whether to accept, deny, or modify consent. This is performed through the consent dialog on the website. The extension will also detect if you are on an unsupported site and allow you to submit a GitHub issue through the panel.

Global Consent Manager is helping to shape the consent experience for the next generation of the internet.

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