Amplifying the relationship between your privacy and reputable news and information sources

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Global Consent Manager User Study

A growing emphasis on user privacy and data protection is reshaping the design and distribution of digital news and information. Within these changing circumstances there exist opportunities to protect consumers and advance the business models of reputable online news sources. In fact, these two stakeholders have significantly aligned interests. The present exploratory laboratory study explores…
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Updates from MozFest 2018

Global Consent Manager has made leaps and bounds, starting earlier in 2018. Don Marti of Mozilla, Matt Germonprez and Matt Snell of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and Sean Goggins of the University of Missouri all attended Mozfest 2018 in London on behalf of Global Consent Manager. This team learned about consent in many…
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Introducing Global Consent Manager

Web users face a confusing array of data sharing choices including GDPR consent, existing standards such as Platform for Privacy Preferences and Do Not Track, and individual user preferences and norms. It is widely predicted that all these privacy choices will lead to poor user experience and possible inadvertent selection of options that do not…
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